A.B.C. Lloyd - Specialists in Vintage and Antique Fountain Pens and Modern Fountain Pens, Inkwells & Writing Accessories bought, sold & repaired

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Alan Lloyd - Kendal's Pen Man

The "Auld Grey Town's" best kept secret


Visit his collection, an "Aladdin's cave" of Vintage Fountain Pens, Modern Fountain Pens, Inkwells and Vintage Writing Equipment.


Alan Lloyd





 See the fascinating and intriguing objects involved with antique writing from years gone by:  Hydraulic Inkwells, Bronze Nib Wipes, Ebony Quill Cutters.



Not to forget those that time has buried in obscurity: Wax Jacks,

Bougie Box's, Pounce Pots, Seals, Dip Pens, and so much more.


Co-existing elegantly with the old are beautiful modern

Fountain Pens, by Visconti, Onoto, Pelikan, Conway Stewart,

Pilot and Laban.


Writing accessories of today: Handmade Italian

Leather Pen Holders, Journals, Inks of many hue's,

Calligraphy Sets and Inkwells.


We take delight in introducing people of all ages to the pleasure of the written word, Letters to a Loved One,Invites to a Party, Entries in Daily Journals. The list is truly endless.



We arrange and host demonstrations of Calligraphy, these give the opportunity for hands on individual instruction, by skilled and experienced artists.  Booking is essential as places are necessarily limited.


Kendal's Best Kept Secret
Certainly worth discovering, come and see Alan for careful advice on that Special Fountain Pen, skilled repaired to a Treasured Writing Piece or a Valued Gift.



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