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Alan Lloyd – Kendal’s Pen Man

The ‘Auld Grey Town’s’ best kept secret

Preserving writing instruments from the past

You’ll be delighted you discovered Alan Lloyd’s shop in Stramongate, Kendal. There’s a huge collection of fascinating and intriguing objects involved with writing from years gone by; hydraulic inkwells, bronze nib wipes and ebony quill cutters.

Not to forget those that time has buried in obscurity: Wax Jacks, Bougie Box’s, Pounce Pots, Seals, Dip Pens, and so much more.

Alan is always available for careful advice on vintage and modern fountain pens, skilled repairs to a treasured writing piece or a valued gift.

 Modern pens for any writing style

Co-existing elegantly with the old are beautiful modern fountain pens by Visconti, Onoto, Pelikan, Conway Stewart, Pilot and Laban.

Writing accessories of today include: Handmade Italian leather pen holders, Journals, Inks of many hues and colours, Calligraphy Sets and Inkwells.

Treasured Items from Alan’s Collection